Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CMT's Texas Women in Ritzy Misfit

I know, i know. You'd think i've been sitting around eating bon bons, but i've been working! Just not blogging, posting on Facebook, tweeting, yadda yadda. Delinquent. BUT, there ARE some exciting new things going on i need to write about.
First of all, i'm not a country girl. Never have been. BUT i'm married to a "good ole boy" and am constantly surrounded by the culture. And now so is Ritzy Misfit jewelry!
The girls on CMT's 'Texas Women' are wearing multiple Ritzy pieces at once! They go big in Texas, and this is no exception! Here are a few pictures, and the links to the listings in my shop:

This is Hannah Helvey. She used to be a 
model, and on the show right now? 
She's kind of dating an exotic dancer... Angelo.

This is Ali Dee. She's an aspiring 
country singer and such a sweetheart.

This is Anna Hunt. She raises bucking 
bulls and can really hang with the boys.

ALSO, I've been working on leather earrings that i'm pretty excited about. They're brand new and i listed them just yesterday! Here are pictures of Hannah and Anna wearing them. :)

earrings found here

and here

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wild rainbow bliss and i'm on a mission

I found this colorful rainbow tipped hair on pinterest, and my heart skipped a beat or two. I followed the link here, and will be calling my girl to see if she can get the stuff put together to do this for me asap.

Part of what i love is that it's both dramatic and flirty, and if you ruin the hair it's just the tips so you can just chop em off when you're done.
This takes it a step further than this post and i can't wait for a more permanent flair. Now i need to figure out if i'm gonna go ALL blonde or not.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I found these on my girl Andrea's blog and LOVE love love.
   And it looks fun to do, to boot.

all photos stitched by maria aparicio, original photos from elsewhere

Monday, January 30, 2012

My sweet Hubby. And my song. (not ours...)

Vernon and our daughter at a house we rented in Salem, MA in Sept.

My sweet husband, Vernon, is a 'good ole boy' from a small town that i used to call "horsey farmey cow-ey." He is truly salt of the earth, and luckily, so much like his father. He's such a good man and is wonderful at dealing with a hormonal, ADD inflicted, anxiety riddled, artsy/crafty, (aka project mess maker) dark, stubborn, short fused, shoe addict, who gets (a little) mad at him when he cooks beautiful wonderful meals for our little family because i'd rather have a clean kitchen than food...

And he takes it all calmly, quietly, and without missing a beat. And sometimes just ignores me completely. Good move, honey. :)

I yell, he smiles. I scream, he tells me he'll give me some time. I cry, he says he loves me and "we'll" figure it out. He usually doesn't take things personally, and he shouldn't. If i'm just generally pissy, (which NEVER happens of course...) he watches the kids so i can work for 8 hours straight without interruption. Which is luckily my happy, calm place.

We are good at picking up each others slack, and do make each other better every day. And despite what i said above, he thinks i have a lot to offer him as well. He'd most likely cross off more than half of the flaws i mentioned because he disagrees that they are even flaws. He really finds the good in me and emphasizes and appreciates it. He takes me as i am, doesn't ever try to change me, and supports even the silliest of things i want to do or accomplish.

We've been through a lot in our 8 years of marriage of course, and at times, i feel like the only thing keeping me sane is knowing i can lean on him with as much weight as i need to, and know that it will be just fine. He doesn't see this song as appropriate when describing any part of our relationship, (modesty) but i truly love this song because it explains how i feel about him in my darkest hours when i need him most. He's always there and always will be there to carry me through anything.

And yes, thank you Twilight, for introducing me to this song and artist in the first place.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

People Style Watch

Style Watch Magazine did a post on Ritzy Misfit! Check it out here!

This is the only magazine that i actually have delivered every month. 
I love it. So it's that much more exciting for me personally!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet video!

My girl Cadie posted a sweet youtube video about Ritzy Misfit today, and is doing a giveaway!

Episode 4 Bachelor recap!

Here are a few pictures of girls wearing Ritzy Misfit last night. BOTH one-on-one dates plus some... awesome. I cannot express how flattered i am that they love them so much. I'm a little tempted to stalk them and hug them all. Now there's an idea...

Rachel wearing the mini here

Jennifer wearing the classic here

Nicki wearing BOTH the classic in red, and the bronze

Have a great day!!! And there's some INCREDIBLE news coming at 3:00 today, barring any "breaking news" that overrides it! (hint hint)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tattoo Dreaming

I don't have any tattoo's. Yet... I've had them on the brain a LOT and have been obsessed with this one ever since i saw it in a post by my girl Liz. This is so simple, elegant, sexy, and it's meaning? Totally behind that. I mean, the whole package gives me butterflies.

It means "love me for who i am."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway over at Ardor

Ardor is hosting a Valintine's giveaway of Ritzy Misfit pieces!  Enter starting today.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bachelor episode 3 Jewelry recap

OK, so i really need to post about something other than this, i know. It just seems i live and breathe it lately because it's all i do! Here are a few pics from tonight's episode. AND based on the previews tonight, Rachel will be wearing her mini R on a picnic with Ben next week!

Emily as she got the news of her one on one date with Ben wearing

Right before climbing to the tippy top of the Bay Bridge

Monica and Kacie B (Monica in a mini and Kacie in a Classic)